The perfect wooden bookcase

As a lover of books, i’ve always had a difficult time looking for ways to perfectly stash them. I was previously using a dilapidated box where I would just pile them on top of each other which became increasingly difficult as my collection increased.

That’s when I decided to get a wooden bookcase to help me out.

Why did I choose to get one? Well, first things first, it helped me see all the titles of the available books I have. I love it since it makes me feel like I have my own mini library. Why did I get a wooden one? I like how it looks, that’s mostly it. It has a more rustic feel to it. Kind of like how they do it in earlier eras where they have massive libraries filled with books.

The wooden bookcase I got was from a known brand and the thing I like most about it is the price. I had to assemble it myself tho, but that wasn’t really a big deal since it only took an hour at most to get everything sorted out.

Now I can finally appreciate all my books anytime I want. I highly recommend that if you’re looking for the best way to keep your books (for all book lovers like me out there), to get one as well.

It’s a good investment and it will last a long time!

~ Michael Kim

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