Why I Love Reading Books

There are lots of reasons why I love reading and here’s just a few of them that other people will be able to relate to:

Makes me grow

Reading takes me to a whole new journey where i’m able to use my imagination and transport myself to the world where the writers wants me to be. It opens me to a different mindset and challenges me to be more understanding.

Pass time

There are slow days when there aren’t much to do, and rather than entertaining myself with other things such as watching television, I read.

It’s amazing because it sets me free from moments that otherwise would’ve been dull and lifeless.

Free travel

Not exactly physically travel but my mentality is able to travel to far beyond where the physicality can go.


There are times when i’m having difficulty sleeping, I grab myself a book to read and just enjoy the moment until the time comes that I start feeling sleepy.

Serves as an escape

When everything else feels like a hustle and bustle, reading books gives me an option to escape and just feel like i’m in a whole new world with endless possibilities. All I need to do is a pick a book of where i’d want my mind to wander into.

– Pham Nguyen